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About Goohack.com

Goohack was created by Max from Zedomax.com to make life easier for finding DIYs, hacks, howtos, gadgets, and anything technololgy related.

Goohack brings you only the best of hacks and howtos on the web, powered by Google's Custom Search Engine. *Note: We are not affiliated with Google in anyway, we are simply using their Google Custom Search Engine, you can too if you want to.

Why do I need to use this site?

You will save a lot of time by only searching through our hand-selected blogs and sites.

What sites are included in the search?

Currently we are searching the following sites: zedomax.com | makezine.com | hacknmod.com | geeksinside.com | engadget.com | gizmodo.com | lifehacker.com | techeblog.com | wonderhowto.com | hackedgadgets.com | metacafe.com | youtube.com | videojug.com | boingboing.net | wikihow.com | instructables.com | evilmadscientist.com | hackaday.com | hackszine.com | craftzine.com | diylive.net | techdigest.tv | ubergizmo.com | getusb.info | youritronics.com | hardocp.com

If you have a DIY/Howto site and would like to be included, please use our contact info below.


Need to contact us? You can contact us at webmaster@goohack.com